Guidance for Selecting or Curating High-Quality Instruction…

that your goal is to create a district-wide library of vetted, high-quality teacher- curated resources that is easily accessible to all district educators.

Initially, have teachers attach their curated resources as a PDF to their survey responses. Longer term, consider creating a repository where teachers can submit materials for review on an ongoing basis.

Document the Logistics

To build a robust library of the best curated resources across the district, think through and document answers to the following:

• What types of resources that will be reviewed? • How will resources be submitted?

• How and how often will the submitted resources be reviewed? • How will the reviewers access the resources to be reviewed? • Will a rubric be used for reviewing the materials? If so, how will the rubric be developed? • How will the vetted resources be accessible? Who will have access? • How often will newly vetted resources be posted? • How and how often will the vetted resources be re-reviewed for continued accuracy and relevance? In order for this initiative to be inclusive and successful, the submissions process, review process, review schedule and schedule for posting new resources to the district library must be clearly communicated to all teachers on a regular basis.

Identify Selection Committee Makeup

A district or campus curriculum leader should be designated to manage the review and selection process. District curriculum staff or lead teachers for each content area may be the most suitable reviewers. Alternatively, consider having teachers evaluate the curated resources for their content area and grade band during a certain designated Professional Learning Committee (PLC) meeting(s).


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