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Document the Logistics

A well-planned and thorough adoption process will more likely lead to a successful outcome. At a minimum, think through and document answers to the following:

• When, were and how will the selection committee review the materials?

• Will a rubric be used for the adoption? If so, how will the rubric be developed? • Will the selection committee review the materials simultaneously in- person or virtually and on their own time? • If product samples are online, how will login credentials be disseminated to the reviewers? • Will publishers be permitted to present to the selection committee? If so, when and where?

• What are the voting protocols for the selection committee’s recommendations?

• How will the new materials be distributed?

• Who will be involved in planning and supporting the implementation of the new materials? • Is there a budget allocation for technology, professional learning, and ongoing support?

Identify Selection Committee Makeup and Requirements

State law and/or school board policy may dictate the positions that must be represented on the selection committee. At a minimum, the committee should include both experienced and new teachers representing the content area(s) and grade bands covered by the adoption. Teachers who provide support services for students should also be represented on the committee. If the new


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